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  2. Growing Wealth, Enriching Life

    SinoPac Holdings (the Chinese name has been changed to Yuen Foong Holdings) was publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange on May 9, 2006 (code no.: 2890). Its subsidiaries include banking, securities, credit cards, customer service technology, insurance brokerage, venture capital investing, management consulting, financial consulting, futures and leasing etc.

    SinoPac Holdings paid-in capital is NT$70.77 billion, with a net value of NT$88.103 billion and total market value of over NT$120 billion. Foreign Institutional Investors (FINI) hold 30% of its shares. SinoPac Holdings' total assets exceed NT$1 trillion and is the fourth largest privately owned financial institution in Taiwan. It is also the most aggressive globalizing financial institution in Taiwan, with branches or representative offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Vietnam, and London. In California, SinoPac Holdings fully owns the "Far East National Bank." As SinoPac Holdings profits from overseas operations continue to grow, the weight of its contributions is the highest among the industry.


  3. SinoPac Securities Corp.
  4. SinoPac Securities Investment Service, wholly owned subsidiary of SinoPac Securities Corporation, was established in 1984 as the earliest domestic securities investment consulting company, with paid-in capital of NT$165.88 million. Our main businesses include securities investment consulting services, discretionary investment services, and offshore funds agency & investment consulting services. We have over the past two decades assembled a staff of talented investment professionals to assist our clients in their investment decision making process.

    The set-up of our overseas division in 1988 was a milestone for SinoPac Securities Investment Service and broadened our ability to perfect effective offshore fund investment consulting services. By leveraging our professional expertise and our comprehensive equity market and economic information databases we are able to provide timely, detailed investment consulting services spanning a broad range of overseas investment opportunities open to R.O.C nationals.

    Acknowledging that Asia has become the global economic growth driver for the twenty-first century and a top destination for global fund flows, we inked a cooperative agreement in July with Lion Capital Management Ltd (Singapore) to introduce 18 funds with mid-to-long term potential. This agreement authorizes SinoPac Securities Investment Service to raise capital and to conduct direct sales for those funds whose regional investment objective includes the equity markets of Japan, India, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other Asian equity markets, presenting domestic investors the best investment option.

    Looking ahead, SinoPac Securities Investment Service will continue to introduce more excellent offshore fund products to meet investorsˇ¦ diversification objectives. We will adhere to strict standards of financial professionalism for investment consulting business and endeavor to create the best return on Investment for our clients.


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