Title Networking: China grants 5G licenses, network buildout will accelerate
  5G Industry: Carriers spending; device makers to reach operational tipping point
  Health Foods: Buy TCI (8436 TT) and Grape King (1707 TT)
  Auto Component OEM: Weak Golden September in China; waiting for policy stimulus
  High-frequency/high-speed data transfer PCB: ABF and CCL enjoy lucrative outlook
  Passive Component: Yageo is our only passive component Buy call
  Footwear: Nike¡¦s 4Q18 beat, FY2019 sales guidance raised¡XBuy Feng Tay
  Apple Supply Chain: Apple’s FY3Q18 guidance sparks supply chain optimism
  Auto Components (AM): AM business dented by FX
  Petrochemicals: FPG 1Q18 core earnings +2.8% YoY to NT$56.62bn
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Title:Networking: China grants 5G licenses, network buildout will accelerate
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  • Buy ZTE (763 HK), TP of HK$27 (based on its market cap)
  • Buy China¡¯s antenna giant Comba Telecom Systems Holdings (2342 HK), TP of HK$5.8 (14x 2019F P/E)
  • Buy WDM and amplifier producer O-Net Technologies Group (877 HK), TP of HK$2.41 (based on its market cap)
  • Buy mmWave component supplier Universal Microwave Technology (3491 TT), TP of NT$107 (17x 2019F P/E)
  • Buy heat pipe solution provider TaiSol Electronics (3338 TT), TP of NT$56.6 (14x 2H19-1H20F EPS)
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