Title Apple Supply Chain: Apple’s FY3Q18 guidance sparks supply chain optimism
  Auto Components (AM): AM business dented by FX
  Petrochemicals: FPG 1Q18 core earnings +2.8% YoY to NT$56.62bn
  IC Design: ASIC firms showing some resiliency in low season
  NB/PC: Sales reflect low seasonality
  Handset Components: Amid low sales seasonality, market focuses on FII IPO
  Passive Components
  Container Shipping: Post CNY rate consolidation; look for robust peak season
  Semiconductor: Inventories back to normal, sales trough pulled forward by crypto-currency demand
  Netcom Equipment: Sustained 100G switch demand from North America, etc.
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Title:Apple Supply Chain: Apple’s FY3Q18 guidance sparks supply chain optimism
Download File:Apple supply chain FY2Q18 update 180504--sinopac.pdf 
  • Buy Compeq Manufacturing (2313 TT), TP of NT$40 (11x 2018F P/E)
  • Buy Yageo (2327 TT), TP at NT$780 (15x 2018F P/E)
  • Buy TSMC (2330 TT), TP at NT$270 (4x 2018F P/B)
  • Buy Catcher (2474 TT), TP at NT$395 (11x 2018 P/E)
  • Buy Elite Advanced Laser Corporation (ELASER, 3450 TT), TP at NT$135 (15x 2018F P/E of optical application packaging EPS of NT$5.31+ 15x GEM’s 2018F EPS of NT$3.65)
  • Buy Tong Hsing Electronic Industries (THEIL, 6271 TT), TP at NT$158 (22x 2018 P/E)
  • Buy Parade (4966 TT), TP at NT$580 (21x 2018 P/E)
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