Title Auto Components (AM): AM business dented by FX
  Petrochemicals: FPG 1Q18 core earnings +2.8% YoY to NT$56.62bn
  IC Design: ASIC firms showing some resiliency in low season
  NB/PC: Sales reflect low seasonality
  Handset Components: Amid low sales seasonality, market focuses on FII IPO
  Passive Components
  Container Shipping: Post CNY rate consolidation; look for robust peak season
  Semiconductor: Inventories back to normal, sales trough pulled forward by crypto-currency demand
  Netcom Equipment: Sustained 100G switch demand from North America, etc.
  Machinery Components: Rosy market outlook for 2018
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Title:PCB: Buy ITEQ, Compeq, Unitech
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Summary:PCB industry: Impact from Kunshan wastewater emission restriction

Water restriction update: In DEC, 2017, the Kunshan City Government ordered more than 250 factories to immediately shut down for a period of about two weeks to reduce water pollution in the Wusong River. The order was later postponed to an unspecified date. We havenít heard of any plan to enforce the order, but local authorities will follow Beijingís lead to tighten environmental regulations.

Downstream PCB makers would be the main victims: Taiwanese PCB upstream (copper foil, glass fiber) and midstream (copper clad laminate, CCL) manufacturers donít have any factories in Kunshan City and wonít be directly impacted by the order; however, several Taiwanese PCB downstream producers have plants in the city, including Dynamic Electronics (6251 TT), Career Technology (6153 TT), Uniflex Technology (3321 TT), and Flexium Interconnect (6269 TT). We are most concerned about Uniflex and Dynamic Electronics because their wet process capacities are in Kunshan, whereas Career Technology and Flexium have most of their wet process capacities in Taiwan.
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