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Title:In-depth: Immersion Cooling
Download File:Immersion Cooling Industry report 200227-- sinopac.pdf 
Summary:Immersion Cooling Industry

"Alibaba is spearheading immersion cooling adoption; Kaori (8996 TT) will rise with the trend"

SinoPac View: Datacenters put stress on local power grids, and as they disperse geographically, environmental issues like heat, humidity, dust, etc., come into play. Alibaba is leading the trend toward liquid-cooled systems, which when compared to air-based cooling systems are energy efficient, less noisy, less prone to vibration, doní»t spread dust, and are unaffected by external heat and humidity. The major types of liquid-cooled systems are single-phase and two-phase. With both systems the equipment is submerged in a tank of dielectric heat transfer liquid. A single-phase system circulates heated coolant away from the electronic product to a heat exchanger for cooling; a two phase-system involves a dielectric heat transfer liquid with a low boiling point that cools the system via the vaporization process. After years of experiments and tests, Alibaba decided to adopt single-phase cooling technology.
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