Title Bicycle Industry: riding on inventory replenishment, e-bike penetration
  2021 Server Industry Outlook: Revival starting in 2Q21F
  Panel Industry: DEC panel prices rise on brisk TV sales
  PC downstream: Chromebook strength will prevent low 1Q seasonality
  Connector industry: Buoyant NB application demand
  Formosa Plastics Group (FPG) NOV sales
  Container Shipping Update
  Semiconductor Inventory Analysis
  Bicycle Industry: Beating 4Q low seasonality on robust demand
  Formosa Plastics Group (FPG)
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Title:Implications of new US restrictions on Huawei in 2020 -- ppt MAY 2020
Download File:Implications of new US restrictions targeting Huawei in 2020 -- May 2020.pdf 
Summary:Implications of new US restrictions targeting Huawei in 2020

  • Snapshot of new US restrictions on Huawei
  • Broad implications: 5G demand will be dererred not destroyed; China will continue to de-Americanize its supply chains
  • Implications for Taiwan¡¯s supply chain
  • Foundry and OSAT, IC Design, PCB, Optical, Networking, and Passive Components
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