Title Biotech: Virus screening - Pressing need for COVID-19 testing
  Bicycle Industry: Feverish demand during COVID-19
  IC Design: Operational growth to persist in 2021 amid upgrades to 5G
  Biotech: Vaccine industry -- Favorable reimbursements for COVID-19 vaccine developers
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  Optical Communication: estimate revisions for Landmark, Truelight
  TAIWAN DOUBLE GOOD (June 3-30, 2020)
  Implications of new US restrictions on Huawei in 2020 -- ppt MAY 2020
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Title:TAIWAN DOUBLE GOOD (June 3-30, 2020)
Summary:Event Notice: TAIWAN DOUBLE GOOD (June 3-30, 2020)

SinoPac will collaborate with the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) to host Taiwan Double Good event for Taiwanese & European investors in June.

On behalf of SinoPac and TWSE we invite you to attend Taiwan Double Good and discover how Taiwanese companies and their investors can profit from the ESG and 5G trends.

We plan to host 21 Taiwan listed companies for a series of video conference calls (via Webex) from June 3 to June 30:

6/3-6/12: Ten Taiwanese 5G companies
6/16-6/30: Eleven Taiwanese ESG companies.

Contact us for more information and to register Taiwan: Lena Lee lena.lee@sinopac.com; +886-2-23165146
EU: Wei-ling Liu weiling.liu@sinopac.co.uk; +44 (0)20 7614 9983
Register online at Become Member to receive Taiwan research services. For more information, contact TaiwanResearch.com. Tel (8862) 2316-5181
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