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  Bicycle Industry: riding on inventory replenishment, e-bike penetration
  2021 Server Industry Outlook: Revival starting in 2Q21F
  Panel Industry: DEC panel prices rise on brisk TV sales
  PC downstream: Chromebook strength will prevent low 1Q seasonality
  Connector industry: Buoyant NB application demand
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Title:2021 Server Industry Outlook: Revival starting in 2Q21F
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Summary:SinoPac View: The server market will begin to reinvigorate in 2Q21 following 3 quarters of inventory adjustment. Cloud data service providers will be the primary source of server demand in 2021, and demand from enterprise users will probably pick up in 2H21F as the pandemic gradually eases. Intel¡¯s Whitley Ice Lake-SP Xeon CPU is slated for release in 1Q21, followed by mass production at assemblers in 2Q21. Thermal solution providers¡¯ output value will rise as CPU thermal design power (TDP, maximum amount of heat generated by a chip) continues to rise. Additionally, Eagle Stream platform adopted multi-chip packaging (MCP) to raise core count. Achieving a flat service area and other production challenges due to the enlarged CPU area act as a protective barrier for established companies in the thermal heat spreader industry. Preparation for 5G gave rise to the Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Alliance. Promotion of O-RAN specs will remain in the nascent stage in the short-term, while mass adoption is expected to begin with edge servers placed close to central units (CU) to meet demand for various new 5G application scenarios.
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