Title Taiwan Market Daily (pre-market) NOV 22, 2016
  Financials: Life insurers grew their profits in OCT, rising bond yields will boost ROI of new
  Foundry: Buy TSMC, Vanguard; Neutral on UMC
  Quang Viet Enterprise (4438 TT, Buy) Adjust TP to NT$170 on client’s inventory management
  Memory Update: Rising prices amid short supply
  China NEV Industry OCT 2016 Outlook
  China’s Auto Industry: SEP sales surged, domestic brands gained market share
  Contact lens industry update: Moderate sales uptrend in 4Q16, Buy Ginko
  LED Industry Update: Cree¡¦s 1Q17 earnings missed expectation
  China Optoelectronics Industry update: Our take on potential Sanan Optoelectronics-OSRAM M&A
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Title:Taiwan Market Daily (pre-market) NOV 22, 2016
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