Title Steel: 1Q17 sales to soar 20% YoY amid rising raw material prices
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  PCB: Slow season has arrived
  Cement: Positive ASP outlook for China in 2017
  Foundry: 1Q17 lull as Chinese handset brands digest inventory
  Electronic Components: DEC sales performances were mixed but in line overall
  Gaming industry: Intel 200-series motherboards will energize gaming plays
  Financials: Buy bank shares with high FCY asset exposure amid Feds upcycle
  Petrochemical: FPGs 2016 core profit was 2nd-best ever: Buy FPC, FCFC
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Title:Steel: 1Q17 sales to soar 20% YoY amid rising raw material prices
Download File:Steel industry note 170208--sinopac.pdf 
  • Buy Yieh Phui (2023 TT), TP at NT$13.6 (0.8x 2017F P/B)
  • Buy Sheng Yu Steel (2029 TT), TP at NT$42 (1.3x 2017F P/B)
  • Buy YC INOX (2034 TT), TP at NT$32 (1.5x 2017F P/B)
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