Title Auto component OEM: Buy Macauto, Hota, Turvo
  Garments: Buy Eclat, Quang Viet, Kwong Lung
  Petrochemical: Buy FPC, FCFC
  Financials: Buy Cathay, Mega, and CTBC
  LED industry: Buy Epistar, Tong Hsing
  Steel: Buy Yieh Phui (2023 TT)
  Auto component aftermarket: Warm winter diluted seasonality, FX loss to hamper earnings
  Financials: Our picks on the rate hike theme
  Greater China Automobile Supply Chain & NEV
  LED: Buy select stocks amid 1Q17 light seasonality
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Title:Auto component OEM: Buy Macauto, Hota, Turvo
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Summary:Auto component OEM industry: Heightened risk amid geopolitical tension, rising US auto inventories

Event: We retain our Buy ratings on Macauto (9951 TT), Hota (1536 TT), and Turvo (2233 TT), but we lower our TPs on the first two because still-heightened geopolitical concerns and rising inventory days in the US auto industry have increased the downside risk for the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) supply chain.
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