Title 2017 PC Gaming Industry Outlook: Focus on Taiwans hardware niche
  PCB: Slow season has arrived
  Cement: Positive ASP outlook for China in 2017
  Foundry: 1Q17 lull as Chinese handset brands digest inventory
  Electronic Components: DEC sales performances were mixed but in line overall
  Gaming industry: Intel 200-series motherboards will energize gaming plays
  Financials: Buy bank shares with high FCY asset exposure amid Feds upcycle
  Petrochemical: FPGs 2016 core profit was 2nd-best ever: Buy FPC, FCFC
  Netcom device: 100G switch market will see rapid widespread growth
  Bicycle industry: Inventory digestion winding down; e-bikes to fuel future growth
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Title:2017 PC Gaming Industry Outlook: Focus on Taiwans hardware niche
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Summary:Buy MSI, Chicony, and Thermaltake as our top PC gaming picks:

Hardware performance and design is just as important as software to the overall gaming experience. Hardware companies can build a powerful brand and maintain customer loyalty in the gaming sector by offering well-designed, high-performance products. Micro-Star International (MSI, 2337 TT), an early mover in the gaming NB segment in Taiwan, has established brand recognition among gamers and is likely to extend its early-mover advantage. Gamers are equally discriminating about keyboards, mice, and other peripheral products. Thermaltake (3540 TT) has rolled out popular gaming mice with patented designs, while Chicony (2385 TT) is in a strong position due to its relationships with global electronic gaming keyboard brands.

  • Buy MSI (2337 TT), TP of NT$92 (14x 2017F P/E)
  • Buy Chicony (2385 TT), TP of NT$87 (14x 2017F P/E)
  • Buy Thermaltake (3540 TT) , TP of NT$24 (1.1x 2017F P/B)
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