Title Macronix (2337 TT) Neutral
  Win Semiconductor (3105 TT) Neutral
  Landmark (3081 TT) Buy, TP: NT$352
  Powertech Technology Inc. (6239 TT) Buy, raise TP to NT$115
  Parade Technologies (4966 TT) Buy, raise TP to NT$1,573
  Novatek (3034 TT, IC Design) Buy, Raise TP to NT$516
  Vanguard (5347 TT) Buy, TP: NT$132
  Realtek (2379 TT) Buy, raise TP to NT$535
  Airtac International (1590 TT) Buy, Raise TP to NT$1,382
  Hiwin (2049 TT) Buy, raise TP to NT$460
More Titles
Title:Nanya Tech (2408 TT) Buy, TP raised to NT$116
Download File:2408 TT Nanya Tech note 210112--sinopac.pdf 
Summary:Raise TP to NT$116 (2.2x 2021F P/B); Maintain Buy: 1) DDR3 pricing has surprised on the upside; demand for DDR3 has exceeded that of DDR4; 2) We anticipate a bright outlook for consumer products in 2021 as the pandemic gradually eases.
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